Biblical Educator, Author, Artist

Dr. Alonzoe Thornton

Dr. Thornton has a doctorate degree in Ministry from Luther Rice College and Seminary. His research project was in the area of soul-care for those who are victims of domestic violence. He also completed clinical pastoral education, which serves his calling to work as a chaplain as well as provide biblical and theological education for the Body of Christ.

What I Do

Use the gifts that I have been given to produce the fruits my Father has bestowed upon me. As an obedient servant I am commissioned to spread the good news that our Creator, the Sovereign Lord, has declared. 


The greatest book of all times is a documentation of life in itself. What would we be if left without such an inspirational resource. How would we know of the principles of life if there were no scrolls. Writing is the talent given to me that must not be buried...


The children of Israel were sustained with manna as they wandered through the wilderness as they were called out of oppression. We are living souls journeying to our ultimate calling and cannot live on bread alone. Spiritual manna will feed you...


I believe Art is an expression of what resides deep with the bowels of my being. Things I have experienced and things given to me through love for what I am blessed to touch. This gift is the way I am able to share my soul which is filled...


I am committed to impart the Knowledge of God through a series of online courses. My goal to partner with you as you attain the promise of Joy through the enlightenment of your understanding by the spirit of wisdom Ephesians 1: 17-19...

By Dr. Alonzoe Thornton

Suffering With Dignity: The Pathway To Ultimate Shalom

When Faced With Life-Transitional Changes Not All Crises Are Bad Experiences!

Suffering With Dignity: The Pathway to Ultimate Shalom. Outskirts Press. This scholarly book is a holistically research review of the negative and positive impact of human suffering. The author pulls from his multifaceted experiences as a health-care professional, chaplain, pastor, and lifelong disciple of Jesus of Nazareth, offering timely and very useful information that reveal to the reader the intrinsic complexity of our human nature and our response to suffering. Inspired by the inward and outward nobleness of family members, friends, coworkers, and patients that he served, all of which displayed great courage and dignity during acute and long-termed crises, our author penned Suffering With Dignity as a living document of encouragement, strength, and hope for any person who will encounter life’s trials and tribulations..

Ready To Begin Your Spiritual Journey?

Your Spiritual journey is not just a important to you but is is even more important to God. His intent is for us to mature in the character of the Messiah, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The online teaching series, named ” Walking in the Messiah” was birthed in my heart sometime ago. This year I received my commissioning to kick off this series with a study on “The Book of Revelation”.


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