Dr. Thornton has a doctorate in Ministry and a master of Divinity from Luther Rice Seminary/University in Lithonia, GA. He currently is launching a multi-media platform called First Fruits Perspective, LLC, which will showcase his variety of gifts and talents as a Biblical educator, blogger/encourager, artist, and mentor to those who are called into spiritual discipleship.

He is currently in a transition mode in his vocational healthcare role as an Endoscopy Treatment team member after ministering, serving and impacting thousands of souls over the years, he now is moving towards full-time ministry. He has been very blessed and used by God to serve both the patients, their respective family members, and the supportive most gifted, talented, and professional individuals in the healthcare industry. Most recently, his entire life has changed during his service with staff and patients impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

My Passion

My greatest passion is tapping into the will of my Heavenly Father, He directs my path while bearing witness to His wonderful works in the lives of others, and myself. Nothing is greater than that experience. 
Due to this interaction, Dr. Thornton has multiple interests that assist him in maintaining balance and a sense of peace throughout his life. He enjoys great Jazz music, art, reading, and writing, and serenity. Physical fitness is very important to him as well as he still enjoys, running, basketball, walking, and weight training and long car rides.
Two of his most endearing motto’s are “The Highest position that I will ever obtain in this earth, is on my Knees.” and “If this life is loved for itself then it will be lost. Yet if this life that I have is lost in my service to others, such a lost life is saved and found”.

My Goals

My ultimate goal is to finish this race strong and influence as many as I can to complete their calling. What is important to me is to share the unadulterated Truth of God as a shield against false captivating philosophy and deceitful speaking that is rooted in the counter-plan against the establishment of God’s Kingdom. 

As a servant of my Heavenly Father, I do nothing in my strength or personal ambition, regardless of apparent worldly success in my secular career and spiritual journey.

The Grace and Peace of God outweigh it all. When God created me, He did it out from a blueprint with a unique calling etched within every DNA strand that has me walking and looking like a human being. Therefore, I live for Him who has already created my end before my beginning. I humble myself to honor and please Him, by using the gifts He gave me to disciple others towards the great harvest.